Wedding Photography as an Art Form.

We are not a typical wedding photography team.

We create photos that are authentic, artful, powerfully emotional, and immersive. Our images are representations of genuine human experiences captured in a way that is creative and engaging. We want to not only show what one of the most important days in your life looked like, but how it felt to be there.

Our style can be described as creative photo-journalism. We are with you throughout the entire wedding day letting things unfold naturally while catching the raw moments and the deep human connections that make weddings such beautiful occasions. Meanwhile, we work on making every photo we capture as uniquely creative as possible. We blend the techniques used in documentary photography with our artistic vision to tell the story of your day in a way that is striking, emotional, and engaging.

Your wedding day coverage will include:

  • coverage with both Alex and a second photographer
  • all of your photos masterfully edited
  • high-resolution digital files and an online gallery to share with family and friends
  • full printing rights and flexibility to print your photos and make enlargements whenever and wherever you decide
  • pre-wedding consultation

Heirloom albums, prints, canvases, etc. are also available.


Frequently Asked Questions

How many photographers will be at my wedding? +

Your wedding will always have two photographers (Alex as the lead and a second shooter). We'll work together in order to ensure that we capture each and every moment of your special day from a variety of angles in the most creative way possible.

Do you travel for weddings? +

Absolutely! Weddings have brought us to many incredible locations all over the world including Italy, Hong Kong, Czech Republic, Mexico, Turkey, Ukraine, and all across the United States. Traveling to new and exciting locations is one of the things we love most about wedding photography and we will be thrilled to capture your special day no matter where it takes us!

The cost for destination wedding coverage is the same as our regular package with only the basic travel expenses added. We will book the airfare, hotel and rental car (if needed) only after you approve the pricing. We always strive to find the least expensive option available.

Do you take formal group photos and detail shots? +

Of course. No wedding is complete without those.

We are always very efficient when it comes to these and have lots of experience in organizing large groups of people and making them look their best. These shots are crucial to every wedding celebration as it is very likely that some of your guests have traveled across the country (and often across the world) to be there to celebrate with you.

Having a list with names and family groups along someone who is familiar with both sides of the family and is willing to assist us with getting people organized will allow us to get these done quickly and efficiently in order to keep things running on schedule.

What type of shots do you typically capture? Should I provide you with a "shot list"? +

No, there is no need for a "traditional" shot list. Weddings are about creating something new and unique to you as a couple and not just checking things off a list. The only two things we ask for in advance is a list of formal group photos and a detailed schedule of the day to help us be as efficient as possible, we'll take care of the rest.

With several hundred weddings under our belt, we've been through a variety of scenarios and are very specific and detail-oriented to make sure we provide complete coverage of the day and everything that goes into making it. We'll be sure to capture the groom's expression as the bride is walking down the aisle, get a creative shot of your shoes, rings, and anything else you put thought into while planning your big day.

Do you provide partial day coverage? +

Typically, we do not provide partial day coverage on weekends due to high demand, but please inquire in case we might still have your date available. We are generally available during weekdays for hourly packages and city hall weddings / elopements.

Do you deliver all unedited photos in addition to the photos you personally select to be edited? +

No, we do not. Photographers don't deliver raw unedited files since they are just that, raw materials, which need to be developed and we work very hard on editing and polishing our images and giving them our unique style to give you the final product that completes our artistic vision and meets our strict quality standards.

Our editing process is very refined. We do everything from the basic contrast and color correction to correcting skin tones and fixing any blemishes, but what takes most of the work is transforming the scene artistically to make every photo not just a simple snapshot, but something that is artfully unique.

How do we book you? +

Please contact us directly so that we can discuss the details of your big day or schedule a time to meet in person!