Client Testimonials
Katie Clark & Moh AlSadder There is no better choice I ever could have made than to have asked for the honor of you photographing our wedding! I am getting nothing but incredible compliments - everyone wishes theirs were a quarter as lovely.

Thank you for everything, you were wonderful to work with!

Katie C. & Moh A.

Stacy Avila I have had the pleasure of working with Alex and I have stunning photos that will last a lifetime to remember him by!! I was so pleased with his vision and eye for color and lighting in my pictures. I have worked with many photographers and his ability to catch the perfect lighting no matter where we are or what time of day it is amazing! His creativity is endless and he knows it. He has a modern feel with an artistic touch that is his own. Thank you RedSphere Studios!! I shall see you again soon!

Stacy A.

Katrina Stehle I was in San Francisco visiting my sister and to celebrate my birthday. My sister treated me to a photo shoot with Alex. He took one look at the gown I was wearing and chauffeured me to City Hall, where he took some shots me alone then more with my boyfriend. Then he whisked us the Bay Bridge and got some amazing shots of my gown in the wind with the city behind me. It was a clear night and he had the lighting set up just right to capture the city skyline perfectly complementing my gown. His wife came along to help with lights and was wonderful at providing pointers. Now I have amazing shots of the city on the bay as a souvenir. Friends and family rave of the gorgeous colors and details in these photos.

Katrina S.

Christina Hernandez It is ALWAYS a pleasure working with Alex Zyuzikov! He is by far the most talented photographer I have ever worked with. Shooting with him is fun and exciting! His imagination and creativity are endless and he has a way capturing true beauty in every photo! His use of lighting is absolutely spectacular! And I believe his pictures speak for themselves.

Christina H.

Malini Ranganathan We went with Alex Zyuzikov as our wedding photographer. We had an Indian-American fusion ceremony outdoors in Joaquin Miller Park in Oakland, followed by a cocktail party outside, and reception indoors. We went with Alex primarily because he is a genius when it comes to color and lighting, and color was a big part of our wedding. We also loved the care he put into post-processing. His pricing model is great - he gives his customers high-res versions of all the photos he takes (note that for several wedding photographers that we interviewed, they charged a whole bunch extra for this so we were totally turned off them). Alex did an engagement shoot for us three weeks before the big day which was super fun - we took photos in West Oakland near the docks, San Francisco, and Treasure Island. For the wedding itself, Alex recruited a second photographer at no extra cost which we thought was really nice of him.

On the day of the wedding, Alex, his lovely wife (and assistant!) Brenda, and the assistant photographer showed up on time and immediately got to work taking detail shots - the shoes, the dress, the programs, and all our friends having a good time helping out. The photography team was easy-going and professional and kept their cool (literally) on what turned out to be the hottest day of the year. At the ceremony, Alex blended in seamlessly and did a great shot capturing beautiful portraits of all the guests, especially the children. He also did a super job capturing the evening's performances. The only regret I had all evening is that my husband and I weren't more proactive about getting posed shots of our families, so make sure that you talk with him about this beforehand if you'd like a mixture of candid and posed shots (most of our shots are candid). All in all, though, I would HIGHLY recommend Alex. Perhaps more than anything, we felt that he had become our friend and we felt that he wanted to do the best job he could possibly do for us, which he did!

Malini R. & Garrett F.

Chris Wright I was familiar with Alex's work before we worked together on two different shoots. I was addicted to his website, and was constantly checking to see if he had uploaded anything new.

When I hired him to shoot some press photos for my upcoming album release, it was such a blast! My respect for his craft only grew as I saw how dedicated he was to not only getting the best shot, but also his commitment to making sure I was happy with the finished product.

I would recommend him any day, for any type of photography!

Chris W.

Cody Del Prato I have had a couple of shoots with Alex, and each time the results were fantastic!! I highly recommend him as photographer. The shoots that I had with him were both more on the high-end fashion realm. The way he made the colors come alive in the photos was truly amazing. He is a true artist. I have gladly added these photos to my portfolio! I can not wait to have another shoot with him again!!!

If you want breathtaking photos, Alex is the right man to go to.

Cody D.

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