We hired Alex for our wedding photography, and it was the greatest decision! We specifically chose to hire him because his portfolio showed a style of photography that we liked best out of all the photographers we looked at. He is an exceptional, one of a kind, truly talented photographer.

Alex’s work feels REAL, he captures the real emotions and moments. We’ve seen so many wedding photos that feel calculated, photos for the purpose of a photo, that took the real emotions and moments away. We do not consider ourselves photogenic, but the end product just feels so natural and genuine. In my opinion, to feel real is the most important thing when it comes to wedding photography. It means the photographer needs to have an acute sense to be at the right place at the right time, keen attention to detail, for every moment would just appear once and will be forever gone if not caught by the camera. The photos are storytelling, and that comes from his unique angles, extraordinary position of subjects, and deliberate arrangement of focus. Many of his pictures have this “in-the-moment” feeling.

Alex, you are amazing! We were so lucky to have you. Thank you!
— Sophia & Aremon

Alex has a wonderfully artistic eye and original aesthetic. Not only did I easily convince my best friend to hire RedSphere for her wedding, I was lucky enough to have a shoot with Alex as well. In one of the most serendipitous moments of my life, my boyfriend and I happened to sit down next to Alex on a train in Hong Kong one month after he photographed my friend’s wedding. Once we recognized and greeted each other in a state amazement, we decided to schedule a photoshoot around old town Hong Kong. These are some of my most treasured photos and memories. Thank you Alex!
— Michelle & Mike

We were looking for a wedding photographer and found an artist. Who happens to photograph weddings.
— Daniel & Lauren

Our photos were nothing short of EPIC. Alex has an amazing perspective-trust in him! One of the few photographers in this realm that approaches it as an art form. Additionally, he was very professional and you could tell that every shot was well thought out. His direction was also extremely helpful! Thank you, Alex!
— Cayleigh & Nick

We are overwhelmed with joy and gratitude! Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for capturing all these beautiful moments for us. You have truly made our wedding day unforgettable and we couldn’t be happier with all the photos!
— Dominique & Alex

WOW!! Beautiful pictures. Thank you so much for capturing our special day and also on getting them back to us sooner than expected - this was a nice surprise. You truly are amazing at what you do and I can’t thank you enough.
— Melissa & Ariel

I adore our pictures they are gorgeous and have received a lot of compliments from family and friends. The colors are amazing and the detail to not only us but our surroundings in a picture is beautiful. They also managed to get some great actions pictures at our reception. I keep looking at our pictures over and over we are so happy with them.
— Angelica & Adan

We LOVE our pictures, Alex’s style is just what we were looking for, the colors (OMG!)! You can definitely tell how much time and effort Alex put into them, which we truly appreciate. We’ve gotten so many compliments from family and friends. Most of them told us that they’ve seen a lot of wedding photos and ours are the best ones. Personally, we couldn’t agree more!
— Katrina & Miguel

Alex is amazing! We absolutely love our pictures & couldn’t be happier. His quality of work leaves you speechless! He is so good at what he does! He also made us feel very comfortable and was so nice throughout the whole shoot. I would definitely recommend him for any event! :)
— Raman & Ranvir

My wife and I absolutely loved working with Alex and RedSphere Studios! His work is amazing; the pictures are vibrant, vivid and stunning to say the least! He also has a very keen eye for poses. Besides the photos themselves, Alex is very caring and professional and made us feel completely at ease during the wedding. It was a pleasure working with RedSphere, Thank you.
— Jacinda & Danny

My wife, Lizzy and I loved working with Alex! He is very PROFESSIONAL and knows exactly the shots he is looking for. TRUST the process! He has an artistic eye for certain shots he wants. Once you see your pics, you know its all WORTH IT. Super on-point and never disappoints. Thanks again for working with me and my wife!
— Lizzy & Ingel

Thank you for the wedding photos! They look beautiful and we can’t wait to make a photo album of them. These pictures will be long lasting memories of our special day and we thank you for being able to capture those special moments for us!
— Angela & Duane

Alex was completely amazing to work with. He has an eye for shots that are downright breathtaking. He’s easy to work with, flexible, and dedicated to his craft. Thank you Alex for capturing our special day. We couldn’t be happier with the job that you did.
— Salezka & Dario