Our Philosophy

Your Photos as Your Legacy

Photos are created to tell stories and to preserve memories. What has always been fascinating to me are the emotions you experience when looking through old family photos and seeing your parents, grand and great grandparents when they were young. It always makes me wonder just what they were like back then, what they felt, experienced, what brought them joy and made them happy. What were their worries and simple pleasures? Were they entirely different or maybe not that different at all?


The photos above are of my parents on their wedding day taken on May 6th, 1978 in Ukraine. I wasn't around quite yet to witness it first-hand.

These photos are some of the things I treasure the most and one of the things that I always think of when thinking of them. Memories like these are the reasons why when photographing your wedding day we always try to create more than just a collection of photos. We try to write a book with the photos we create and we want it to read like a book — a story of you, your family, and relationships with those close to you. Most importantly, we want you to be able to re-live this day many years from now and for future generations to be able to witness the story of one of the happiest days of your life.

Authentic Moments

Being storytellers, it is very important for us to creatively capture the real magic of your wedding day as it naturally unfolds, which in turn allows you to re-live that moment in time through our photos. We will absolutely help direct portraits with your family, your wedding party and the two of you, but the rest of the time we work as wedding photo-journalists going above and beyond (sometimes literally) to capture all of the happiness, joy, and tears that define weddings. We blend the techniques used in documentary photography with our artistic vision to tell the story of your day in a way that is beautiful, emotional, and striking.

Photography as an Art of Storytelling

Wedding photography is an art form and what differentiates our work from others is that every photo we deliver has a purpose and a meaning. Each is a part of the complete story of your day and each one is just as vital as the next. Looking through your gallery should be like turning pages of a really good book rather than digging through boxes of archives of old magazines. We want each page and each chapter to be just as exciting as the one before it.

Unmatched Post-Production Detail

Our post-production process is highly distinctive and our approach is that of quality over quantity. We like to think of it as the difference between something that is hand-crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail and things that are mass-produced. Each photo is edited individually from scratch in our studio, there are no presets or filters, each shot takes as much time as necessary in order to look its absolute best. A portrait of you as a couple will get as much attention as a detail shot of your rings or a shot of the bride dancing with her father; we make no compromises on quality and make all the efforts required to deliver photos that are as beautiful as they are timeless.