Stephanie & Ben's Engagement

Lake Tahoe, CA

Photographers often get asked what it is that they like the most about their jobs. Other than the obvious (working for yourself and pursuing your passion) for me it has always been the people I meet along the way. I could not be happier that Brenda and I got a chance to meet a couple as wonderful as Stephanie and Ben.

At first they were unsure if they wanted engagement photos at all until one night I got an email from Stephanie, which said something along these lines:

Ben's family has a house right on Lake Tahoe and because of this, it's a very special place for us. We even have our own "rock" where we exchanged our first I love you's. What if the four of us went up there and spent one night at the house. It's literally right on the lake and has it's own dock that we have also spent a lot of time on. Lastly, Ben had an awesome idea. I have an old white ball gown that looks like a wedding dress and he has old suit and we could "take the plunge" by jumping off the dock together and into the lake!

Needless to say, I could not have been more excited to hear that. Filled with hiking the mountains along Lake Tahoe's beautiful Emerald Bay, good food, great conversation, and yes, taking that plunge into the freezing waters of Lake Tahoe, this was much more than an engagement session. It was one of the best weekends Brenda and I had so far this year and the photos speak for themselves.

Congratulations Stephanie and Ben, we cannot wait to celebrate with you at your wedding!