Lenka & Kyle's Wedding

Saratoga Country Club, Saratoga, CA

As photographers, we are always looking for creative opportunities and we love clients who will do just about anything for that perfect photo. We usually only have a few minutes for portraits of the couple and certain venues tend to be a lot more restrictive than others on where you can and can't go to take photos. We had to make it work and luckily we had an amazing couple to work with.

Lenka and Kyle were game enough to climb a giant (and very steep) incline behind the Saratoga Country Club in dress/heels and a tux so that we could get some shots of them along the beautiful hillside. To my amazement, the bride was faster climbing the hill than all of us, she went right up as we were trying hard to keep up.

As we made our way back down, the night was only getting started. The guests were having a great time on the dance floor and the couple soon joined in the fun dancing the night away. Lenka and Kyle's wedding was a truly heartwarming experience we will never forget and we feel like we made two amazing friends in the process. And that's what this job is all about.