Lyndia & Calvin's Wedding

Regale Winery. Los Gatos, CA

There is only one word to describe Lyndia and Calvin’s wedding. Perfect.

Lyndia and Calvin tied the knot at the gorgeous Regale Winery in Los Gatos in the heart of beautiful Santa Cruz Mountains. Both academics and Stanford Ph.D alumni, they held an intimate celebration for their closest family and friends at this little piece of heaven on earth. 

Lyndia and Calvin are lovers of art and photography and spend a lot of their time visiting art galleries together, going to wine-and-paint events, and taking photos during their many trips. They also appreciate great wine and are really good cooks so a foodie-friendly wedding venue such as Regale Winery was a must and they threw down quite a feast for their guests complete with freshly-rolled sushi and kimchi potstickers (oh, so delicious). 

You could definitely tell how much they enjoy each other and just how much they are in love by the way they kept glancing at each other from across the room, how they faces lit up whenever their eyes connected, how they held each other and squeezed each other’s hands at every opportunity they had. This day was all about love and there was plenty of it to go around. 

As the guests danced and sang karaoke and the night was coming to an end, I kept thinking just how much I’ll miss witnessing such heartfelt moments with these two and being in their company. Thank you Lyndia and Calvin for giving us an experience we’ll never forget!