Carolyn & Colin's Wedding

Palace of Fine Arts & San Francisco Film Centre, San Francisco, CA

It's always a treat to shoot at one of San Francisco's iconic landmarks. It's even more of a treat when our clients love this city as much as we do. Colin and Carolyn's wedding at the Palace of Fine Arts was classy, gorgeous and downright freezing! This bride and groom hardly noticed the cold however, while voicing their vows to each other among family and friends.

Our favorite part of the night was Carolyn and Colin's debut on the dance floor at the San Francisco Film Centre. As a ballroom dancer, Carolyn showed off her graceful and elegant choreography with Colin as her perfect partner. It was quite a sight to see their guests (many of whom were ballroom dancers as well) showing off their fancy footwork alongside the bride and groom. It was hard not to find a great moment of dancing with this crowd and capturing it was an amazing experience. Congratulations Colin and Carolyn, your wedding was beautiful and we feel extremely privileged to have been there to capture it!