Lizzy & Ingel's Engagement

Walt Disney Concert Hall & Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles, CA

Shooting at the Walt Disney Concert Hall and the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles has been on our photographic bucket list for years. So, when the opportunity to shoot Lizzy and Ingel’s engagement came up we knew we had to jump on it. Both Lizzy and Ingel are actors, performers, and amazing dancers. Lizzy even had a chance to perform at the White House recently among other places. They really couldn’t have been a better couple to showcase some of the iconic Los Angeles spots that we used in the shoot. Lizzy and Ingel had many friends in common and even worked in and around the same industry for years without ever meeting each other. However, it wasn’t until they ended up working on the same project together that the stars finally aligned and allowed them to meet for the very first time. They instantly hit it off and kick started what I am sure will be Hollywood’s next power couple!

Once Lizzy found out that we wanted to shoot at the Walt Disney Concert Hall and the Griffith Observatory for their engagement session she was ecstatic since she had a deep emotional connection to both places. We had a lot of fun listening to the stories she told us of when she had a job as a performer for Tokyo Disney that allowed her to live abroad in Japan for several years and how Griffith Observatory was a particularly special place for her since it reminded her of her childhood and how her father used to take her there to watch the Pink Floyd light show. She even mentioned how she always secretly wanted to be an astronaut. So, it only seemed fitting to end the engagement with a few photos among the planets and stars.