Hollie & Xavier's Wedding

King Plow Art Center, Atlanta, GA

I truly am grateful for the couples I meet through this job. Even if it does take 3 different states, two weddings and a bit of luck.

I met Hollie & Xavier through another couple whose wedding I shot in Tennessee and it was through their photos that Hollie & Xavier found me. They then decided to fly to San Francisco for their epic engagement session in December and we flew to Atlanta for their wedding in July.

I could definitely tell that Hollie & Xavier knew a thing or two about photography. Their style was impeccable and I was extremely excited to be there for their big day despite what felt like 100 degrees and 100% humidity to a San Franciscan whose idea of summer consists of a steady stream of fog otherwise known as nature's air conditioning.

I was floored by how great they both looked and how amazing the setup was at the King Plow Art Center for their ceremony and reception. I really couldn't wait to work on these photos even as I was shooting them.

The night ended over a drink and some buffalo wings at Taco Mac in Atlanta. Hollie, Xavier and some of their closest friends, super-casual (despite still wearing their wedding clothes), just hanging out as if they didn't just perfectly execute the wedding of a lifetime.

Just the way it should be.