Michelle & Mike in Hong Kong

Kowloon, Hong Kong

Hong Kong was the setting for a story, which will probably be one of most memorable for us. It all started in San Francisco on the morning prior to our flight. We met at the airport a good 3 hours early with the sole purpose of discussing how we were going to make this trip a memorable one. Excited about going to China for the first time, we talked of the food, the people, and the places we wanted to see. Little did we know at that time what surprises were ahead of us.

After a 14 and a half hour flight we arrived at Hong Kong International airport. Tired, weary, jet lagged, and bit culture shocked, we shuffled through immigration, currency exchange, and hopped onto the next Airport Express train towards downtown. Having been awake for over 24 hours and utterly exhausted, we could only manage to make small talk of how San Francisco’s BART transit system was not as nice as the Hong Kong Airport Express train. Right in the middle of talking about how BART needs a major refresh we suddenly heard a voice exclaiming “Hey, I know you!” Who could we possibly run into 6,889 miles away from home? We were stunned to turn around and see Michelle and Mike. “Yes!” Michelle said. "You photographed my best friend’s wedding in San Francisco about a month ago! I was one of the bridesmaids.” We were in complete disbelief of how small the world really was. Not only were we not on the same plane, but Michelle and Mike had just gotten to Hong Kong from Vietnam while finishing up their tour of Asia. We just happened to be in the same country, on the same day, at the same time, got through immigration, baggage claim, currency exchange, on the same car of the same train, and sat next to each other. And it all just happened to occur half-way across the world from home for all of 4 of us. Of course we couldn’t pass up an opportunity like that and had to convince Michelle and Mike to do a photo-shoot while all 4 of us were in the city.

A few days and text messages later, we had all of the details sorted out. We knew that we wanted to do something unique for this shoot, something different than your standard engagement session. We really wanted to tell a story, to show the real Hong Kong, the sights, the culture, and the overwhelming liveliness of the city. We wanted to capture images that were not just photos, but time capsules of their experience together. Photos that would capture not only the interaction between Michelle and Mike, but the world around them as well. So, with this idea in mind and only a little over an hour to capture the story, we decided to start off at the Mongkok district street markets in Kowloon and then make our way to Victoria Harbor to end with a few shots of the amazing Hong Kong skyline. Thinking on our feet, we tried to create unique images as we made our way through busy streets, bustling fish markets, dark alleyways, and ever-present crowds as we run around exploring new locations. We raced against the sun and the clock determined to capture images that would serve as memories of this trip for Michelle and Mike for years to come.

Below are a few shots from that day.