Hollie & Xavier's Engagement

San Francisco, CA

Sometimes things go wrong.

No matter how much you plan, check and double-check, there will always be that one time when something goes terribly wrong and my job as a photographer is to turn it into a beautiful photo anyway. This definitely applies to wedding photos, but engagement shoots should be a bit easier, right? Not in this case.

Hollie and Xavier are a wonderful couple who live in Tennessee, but flew to San Francisco for a weekend with a single task in mind, to have engagement photos taken. It rained, all weekend long. What started out as a casual San Francisco drizzle turned into an outright storm on the night of their shoot. The rain was literally coming down at a 45 degree angle, but canceling wasn't an option, we had to make it work. Soaked, tired, but happy, we walked away with what's by far one of my favorite engagement photos of the year and I couldn't be more thankful to Xavier and Hollie for letting me go through with it. You guys are amazing and I can't wait to shoot your wedding in Atlanta!