Alicia & Scott's Wedding

Fairmont Heritage Place, Ghirardelli Square. San Francisco, CA.

Alicia and Scott’s wedding day was all about family. Having been together for many years, they wanted a small and intimate celebration with their beautiful children (who were already young adults) as well as closest family and friends.

They celebrated in style at the Fairmont Heritage Place in San Francisco’s lively Ghirardelli Square. The groom got ready in no time and was busy setting up the ceremony site, while Alicia and the girls had the hardest time picking out which shoes she would wear (she brought 3 pairs!). In the end, Alicia looked stunning and almost angel-like in her dress and was greeted by her groom, who couldn't help but get teary-eyed when he saw her walking down the aisle.

The tears of joy kept flowing and the look of happiness on everyone's faces was so contagious that we couldn't help but smile while photographing the short, but heartfelt ceremony. Alicia and Scott were finally husband and wife! 

After the couple cut the cake and had their first dance, the guests headed down to McCormick & Kuleto's for some amazing food and we snuck away for a few portraits with the newlyweds around the Fairmont Hotel and Ghirardelli Square. They re-joined their guests soon after and were greeted with a warm welcome to their first dinner together as husband and wife.

It was an honor for us to be there to see and capture such an important moment for them. Having already been such a wonderful part of each other's lives for many years, they certainly have a lot to be proud of and so much more to look forward to!