Rahysa & Christopher's Wedding

SF City Hall. San Francisco, CA.

Born in Bogotá, Colombia and having spent her childhood in Miami, Rahysa was always more concerned with serving her community than looking for a boyfriend. During holiday seasons, she would always accompany her father, an entrepreneur, to a homeless shelter in South Florida, where they would distribute toys to children. Her heart was always on activities to help others.

It wasn’t until 2006, that she was introduced to Christopher, a fellow University of Miami undergraduate, by mutual friends at a football game against Florida State. She was not intrigued. His face was painted the Miami school colors of orange and green that got streaked in the rain. 

Fast forward a few months, they reconnected at Tavern in the Grove, a local bar where Rahysa, dressed in a silk dress and heels, was waiting for a friend. Christopher asked if she wanted a cocktail. Rahysa declined, but Christopher followed up with a friendly invitation to dinner, to which she couldn’t say no since she loved food and found him much more attractive without paint on his face. The first date went well and they really hit it off. They made fun of each other, laughed, and couldn’t wait to get to know each other better.

A couple of years ago, they bought a house together in Miami and Christopher proposed to Rahysa during a layover in Paris when he escorted her to the top of the Eiffel Tower and dropped to one knee to which she blurted out “Finally!” followed by “Yes!” 

It was devastating when their wedding plans were temporarily disrupted last September when Hurricane Irma destroyed their new home, flooding it with seawater and forcing them to move five times in four months while commissioning a complete rebuild. 

They leaned on each other constantly. When one was weak, the other was strong. It was so inspiring to know how much they’ve been through together, both good and bad, when they finally tied the knot under the cupola of the magnificent City Hall in San Francisco. The groom serenaded his surprised bride with “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran and Rahysa surprised Christopher and the rest of the guests with her performance alongside two Brazilian Samba dancers, which really got the party going!

We loved getting to know Rahysa and Christopher and are incredibly inspired by their story. They are a perfect example of how true love can bring two people together and help them overcome just about anything, even when the odds are against them.