Miya & Adam's Wedding

Big Sur Stone House. Big Sur, CA

All we could think about on our way to the Big Sur Stone House from San Francisco was how much we’d been anticipating shooting this wedding there for Miya and Adam. The day was finally here!

The drive alone was worth getting excited about. Highway 1 was still shut down due to mudslides earlier that year, so we took a longer, but in no way less scenic route to get to the Big Sur Stone House. Once we got there we were greeting by stunning views of the Pacific Coast from every corner of the property. 

Miya created almost all of the decorations herself and a few close friends and family members were helping get everything set up for the wedding ceremony. Each little detail was carefully considered and planned out and represented Miya and Adam through and through.

The groom was getting ready at a separate property about 5 minutes away from the Big Sur Stone House and our bride Miya was calm and collected while helping everyone else get ready. It’s only during the last few minutes after putting her dress on and before walking down the aisle that you could tell just how nervous she really was.

After the ceremony we made our way down to one of the beautiful Big Sur beaches nearby where Miya and Adam ran around like little kids, laughed and just enjoyed each other’s company. All we had to do was capture those moments of happiness in our photos. We soon made our way back to the Big Sur Stone House and were warmly greeted by the guests who were ready to welcome the happy couple to dinner. Heartwarming speeches ensued as the sun went down over the Pacific Ocean and the guests happily danced all night long.

The day went by in a blink of an eye and we didn’t want to leave such an uplifting group of people, but it was time to make our way back to San Francisco after spending one more night in Big Sur. Nonetheless, we still look through the photos again and again to bring back that feeling of love and joyfulness that surrounded us.