About Anastasia

My name is Anastasia Baula and I'm an art director and
a photographer at RedSphere Studios.

With over 15 years of fine art, graphic design, and creative direction expertise and having worked at many international design agencies, my focus is on album design, art direction, branding, and just generally keeping things looking beautiful around here. Having worked in the design industry for so long allows me to bring my appreciation for fresh design concepts, attention to detail, and my sense of style to our presentation and branding as well as our physical product line.

I am inspired by the love and passion that is an essential part of every wedding and photos have always represented a perfect medium to capture and express it. I love photography and the way it makes me feel when I immerse myself in what is one of the most important days of the couples’ lives and the emotion that goes along with the unique story of each wedding day.

Making the transition to weddings was a natural next step for me. Everything about them is beautiful, whether it’s the gorgeous bridal gowns or stunning flower arrangements, but nothing compares to the beauty of seeing the tears of joy in the eyes of a bride or groom when they see each other for the first time as they are about to start their new lives together.