About Alex

Hi there! My name is Alex Zyuzikov and I'm a photographer living in San Francisco, California. 

I am a curious and adventurous person who enjoys all things creative and loves making people happy. I grew up in a family of architects, so my exposure to the world of art and creative thinking started early, which is why I also tried my hand at drawing, painting, and eventually graphic design. I feel like these skills defined my style as a photographer and I still find myself drawing inspiration from the world of architecture, physical art, and environmental portraiture. My curiosity is what helps me stay inspired by always exploring new ways to make my photos interesting and unique. 

My work is vibrant, artistic, and has a sense of adventure. It is for people who are daring and passionate about life, family, and what they mean to each. Photography is a channel through which I tell their stories and capture the beauty that surrounds us every day.